3 Undiscovered Remote Property Investing Opportunities

Let’s do something a little different this time. Instead of bringing you a host of undiscovered opportunities from all over the globe, how about we focus on ski towns in America – the country where Joe McCall hails from, and the country where Rick Otton began his career in property investing.

Apart from Aspen, there are more ski towns that offer amazing opportunities for avid remote investors across the pond. The best part is that most of these towns offer you almost the same income opportunities as the well-known ski towns around the globe. With that in mind, have a look at these frozen towns that might be your next property bread and butter.

Bellingham, Washington

This town is about 145KM north of Seattle. This little town gives tourists access to Mt. Baker, an excellent skiing host that sees quite a bit of ski enthusiasts each year. With a population of just over 83,000 and divided into 25 different neighbourhoods, Bellingham has a vibrant property scene with houses being very well designed and maintained. It is not uncommon to find Victorian designs, urban condos, farmhouses and a host of other new developments.

The median home price in Bellingham is about £200,000. The current annual home price appreciation lies at about 4% and the gross rental yield is at 6.8%. These numbers show that it is a remote ski town worth looking into at the very least.

Sandy, Utah

Located in the famous Wasach Mountains in the state of Utah, Sandy has a population of about 90,000 people and a whole lot of ski resorts that attracts tourists and locals alike. For a remote investor, these highly popular ski resorts like Brighton would spell pure profit when it comes to buying and building rental properties in this town.

The median home price in Sandy is about £204,000. The current annual home price appreciation lies at about 2% and the gross rental yield is at 9.2%, making it a more promising town than Bellingham.

Georgetown, Colorado

Beautiful little Georgetown was founded in the silver boom that put Colorado on the map in the late 1850s. Fondly referred to as the ‘Silver Queen of the Rockies’, Georgetown has a host of ski attractions that are simply irresistible to snow sport lovers. With an incredibly high annual rental yield, Georgetown is one of the most attractive towns for investors looking to cash in on ski-town visitors who simply cannot help but try to tame those high slopes of the Rocky Mountain.

The median home price in Georgetown is about £155,000. The current annual home price appreciation lies at about 11% and the gross rental yield is at 9.3%, making it the most promising remote investment opportunity on this list.

If you are thinking of looking into untapped and undiscovered remote ski town investment opportunities, you should give these towns across the pond a second look. With interest in extreme snow sports increasing across the globe ski towns are bound to see an increase in sport tourism which means you property investments are most likely going to bring in great returns.

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