A Picturesque Remote Investment For The Brave

For some people, investing is not just about the money. For some, it’s all about the experience a place can give. Certainly, this is how Mike and Joyce Simpson viewed their cottage on Scotland’s Knoydart peninsula – a.k.a UK’s remotest home.

While some may question why anyone would want to live isolated from the ‘real’ world, I’ve always found a strange sense of security in escaping the rush of the workaday life whilst basking on breathtaking scenery like that of the Isle of Skye.

If you’re someone who likes that kind of escapism, then perhaps you may be interested in forking out £200,000 because Mike and Joyce have announce that they are selling their piece of paradise!

For over 30 years, the couple has lived in relative isolation against a backdrop of the Isle of Skye, but as they put it in their own words, “you can’t live off a view.”

According to property news, the couple is letting go of their remote property with a heavy heart. The Simpsons are selling their house after 3 decades, because Mr. Simpson’s failing health and Mrs. Simpson wants to live in a place closer to their family.

The couple told a reporter from the The Telegraph that Mike first saw the cottage in very bad shape 30 years ago, but they still fell in love with it. Their remote cottage is nestled above the Sound of Sleat, the stretch of water that divides the Scottish mainland from Skye, and they could see whales, dolphins, porpoises and otters from their window.

During their years of isolation, the Simpsons have learned how to live off the land they live in and be self-sufficient. They grow their own vegetables, and Mr Simpson has developed skills as as a scallop diver and fisherman, which is why he regularly takes home lobster for dinner.

No matter how picturesque the view and their lifestyle may seem, the Simpsons are making a very, very big caveat to interested buyers. “This place is not for everybody,” they candidly admit.

To begin with, no roads can be used to get to their cottage. The nearest village, Inverie, is 9 miles away. Travelling to their cottage usually takes either a three-hour hike or an arduous journey by foot, quad bike and 4×4.

Aside from that, the weather always dictates the activities you can do. “Every gale can be a bit of a nightmare. The biggest problem is seeing your dinghy picked up by the wind and being blown three miles across the loch,” Mr. Simpson recalls.

Its inaccessibility and harsh weather are also 2 reasons why they could go on for months without receiving a single mail delivery.

Despite the downsides of living far from civilisation, it's hard not to be awe-struck by the Isle of Skye.
Despite the downsides of living far from civilisation, it’s hard not to be awe-struck by the Isle of Skye.

Mike also shared in the interview that he can’t remember the last time he went to a pub, because it’s so far from their cottage. The nearest pub is “The Old Forge” (considered as the remotest pub on mainland Britain) and it is located in Inverie.

The Simpsons have already chosen to buy a place in Arnisdale which is home to 20-30 residents.

Joyce said in the interview that she’d want the place to go to first time home buyers (maybe a young couple or family), but since times are tough and they won’t be turning down any buyers which give them a very good offer on the house.

Even though the couple is sad that they will be leaving their quiet piece of paradise, they are happy to live near a road and seeing neighbours without having to take an hour long hike, a long ride, or boat ride for the first time in decades.

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