Best Remote Investing Opportunities In The North Of France

For those of you familiar with Joe McCall, Tom Wade and Rick Otton, you may have come across their investments in hotspots like Spain, Greece and Italy. But what about properties in North of France?

If you are going to take on remote property investing, you want to do so with the surety that your location choice has great potential for returns, or at the very least, return on investment. What this typically means is that you should look out for certain telltale signs that indicate an upward trajectory. Things like:

  • Economic stability
  • Growing population
  • Industrialisation
  • Improving infrastructure
  • Growing touristic interest

These are just some of the most common signs that a location is set to become an amazing remote property investment haven. North of France, incidentally, has all most, if not all, of these indicators buzzing. Let’s look at some of the best places you can remotely invest in when it comes to this beautiful region of the world.


Although not as efficiently served by ferries as its neighbour Calais, Boulogne has to be one of the most scenic regions in the North of France. Riddled with extremely captivating natural scenery that ranges from abundant rivers to haunting marshes and vast forests that cover lofty hills like warm quilts, Boulogne is perfect for those who are looking for something not so ‘South of France’ but still charming enough to attract visitors. This region is full of stunning châteaux, churches, monasteries and monument that are sure to attract tourists from around the world. If you buy a stand-alone house for rent here or even convert one of the many beautiful homes into an HMO, you are golden.

Montreuil sur Mer

best properties in the north of france, property investing north france, where to invest in north franceThis little hilltop town was once a sea front property location, but thanks to serious silting, it is now 16KM or so inland but still very beautiful and peacefully rural. This is the best location to invest in private châteaux that can be rented out exclusively to people who want peace and quiet. The cobbled streets are simply spectacular, the little bars and bistros in this region are welcoming and the ancient buildings that surround the little town are just spectacular.


An ancient city in the North of France Aras is simply one of the most intriguing tourist attractions in this region. The houses are old, the atmosphere is wonderful and the attractions don’t stop coming at you. Remotely investing in property here means that you are targeting the many tourists who frequent this town to take tours of the underground galleries of Wellington Quarry.

Most of the towns in the region tend to be a kind of lay over for people who are traveling to the South of France in search of warm weather and the beach (also the main reason why many remote investors tend to focus only on the South while missing out on great opportunities across the land) but if you take the time to look at the time to look around, you will find plenty of amazing remote property investment opportunities ready for the taking.

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