Best UK Towns To Remotely Invest In

Whether you want to buy a quaint little home for you and the family or you want to own a highly performing buy-to-let property, the UK still has some of the most promising locations for remote property investment. From gated communities to exceptionally posh boulevards, there are many options to make good investment.

Couple that with the growing popularity of Seller Financing promulgated by investors like Rick Otton, Reena Malra, and Simon Zutshi, and investing in UK property has become more in reach to ordinary mum and dad investors.

Here are some of the prime locations to look into:

Woking, Surrey

With a £250 million regeneration project underway, Woking, Surrey is one of the most promising locations for those who want to invest remotely. There is an impressive number of excellent quality flats coming up, offices as well as shops.

As far as the infrastructure and transport are concerned, Woking has easy access to Heathrow and Gatwick and has direct trains to other amazing locations such as Devon and London. Here, small flats rent and sell at reasonably good rates.

Rotherham, Yorkshire

In the past decade alone, this coal-mining town has extensively reinvented itself. With a £500 million investment, more than 9,000 jobs have been newly created here. There is also a new railway station and, of course, the wonderful football stadium with a 12,000 sitting capacity. Real estate professionals in the area say that buying a flat in Keppel Wharf and Old Market areas is the best bet for any remote investors. These properties sell very well and are quite popular with renters.

Elephant & Castle, London

Although not entirely the most gorgeous location in the UK, Elephant & Castle more than makes up for that little mishap with overwhelming potential. With a £1.5 billion regeneration project, this location promises to be the new haven for buy-to-let investors looking to make good money and attain excellent occupancy rates for their flats and properties. Statistics show that the area experiences a 5% gross rental yield.

Hythe, Kent

best uk towns for investing, uk property investing, remote property investingLess than 5 kilometres from Folkestone West station, this beautiful port not only has wonderful views of the channel, but it also has excellent access to great transport infrastructure. Folkestone West station gets the residents here to St. Pancras in just 52 minutes. The town’s waterfront, one of its most thrilling qualities has a very wide selection of new houses and flats that act as renter-magnets. Remote investment in this location promises wonderful returns for the discerning property investor.

Other locations include beautiful and exciting locations like Manchester, Kew in London, and Cambridge. All these locations either have new transport infrastructures in place or are slowly becoming wonderful economic powerhouses in their own right. As such, more and more jobs are being created there and more and more people are moving towards them in search of these jobs. This influx of people creates great demand for housing and other amenities such as restaurant and recreational facilities. For remote investors, it is not just about the buy-to-let properties anymore, you can also invest in other property options such as bars and retirement homes.

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