How To Hire English Speaking Solicitors When Investing In Foreign Property

If, like me, you like watching a of YouTube videos from different property gurus, you’ve probably come across those that talk about buying and selling property remotely. If so, you’ve probably asked yourself how do they do it? Why is it that people like Rick Otton or Joe McCall can talk about deals they made from other countries whilst negotiating mostly from another country? Is there a secret to the process?

Yes there is. The secret is understanding just how much flexibility modern technology can give you. While you may not be in the country you want to invest in, there are many professionals who are already there that can help you in the whole process. Solicitors are among the people you will need.

Honestly speaking, hiring an English-speaking solicitor in a foreign land is very much the same as hiring an English-speaking solicitor in the UK. The big difference being that in the UK, pretty much every solicitor you run into can speak English while in most foreign lands, you might have to find a firm that specialises in foreign land investments to secure the services of an English speaking solicitor.

Nevertheless, let us run through the different steps that you will need to take to find, hire and use the right English speaking solicitor for when investing in foreign properties.

Get referrals

The very first thing you will need to do is to get referrals from solicitors in the UK. The law is a huge fraternity that has members globally. You can be sure that if there is a firm in the UK that deals with foreign property investments (and there are many) then these firms know other firms in different lands that deal with foreign property investments in the UK as well. This is because solicitors often do business with other solicitors.

So simply finding a UK based solicitor who has experience in this field and asking for their referrals is the fastest way to find an English speaking solicitor in your chosen foreign destination. This might cost you a little money because solicitors often charge by the hour.

Run a quick Google search

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Never underestimate the usefulness of a quick Google search.

The internet has opened up the world for many investors. All you need to do is run a quick search on Google and you will get a full list of solicitors who deal with foreign property investment in your chosen destination and what languages they speak.

You can simply call the number listed and book an appointment with the firm’s designated foreign property investment solicitor just to gauge whether or not their command of the Queens language is good enough for your needs. There is a good chance that you will find a myriad of multi-lingual solicitors ready and willing to help online. Plus, you can look up their reviews while you are at it.

Use your foreign estate agent

Buying land abroad will need a strong and effective network. You will need someone who understands the local market and has access to the local listings.

This often means hiring a locally based estate agent. You can be sure that these estate agents have solicitor contacts handy because of the nature of their business. You can simply ask your chosen estate agent to recommend a locally based, English speaking solicitor to help you with your foreign property investment process.

It is that simple. Nowadays, a huge percentage of the world speaks English and even those who do not, have access to translators. It would be very easy for you to find an English speaking solicitor when investing in foreign property. Be sure to hire the right one, with the right kind of experience and an excellent track record.

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