Least Expensive Countries to Buy Property

Most of the world’s property market is in recovery. Which means that there are still some places where you can find unbelievable houses for unimaginably low prices. Experts say that certain regions of Europe, Asia, and South America are the best places to look right now if you want a bargain. We are going to look into some specific areas where you will get the best bargain today. You are advised to make hay while the sun shines and buy up as many of these houses as you can before the market takes a complete up-turn.


Right now, Lithuania is still one of the most lucrative places in Europe to buy property. As trends go, almost every country that joined the Eurozone saw an increase in their property values and the same is to be expected in Lithuania. Since Lithuania migrated from ‘Lita’, its local currency to the Euro, there is a good chance that property prices are going to go up. If you are looking for somewhere with great potential for returns, an excellent place to live and a reasonable economy, go to Lithuania.


As one of the countries that do not use the Euro, Poland local currency, the Polish zloty is down a few percentage points (almost 25%). The thing about Poland is that it is one of the most attractive, yet underrated tourist destinations in Europe. In cities like Krakow, a major tourist destination, you can actually find a one bedroomed flat for just under £58,000. The best thing about buying property in Polish cities like Krakow and Wroclaw is that, in Krakow, you have the potential for returns because of its tourist-run economy while in Wroclaw, a slew of Universities has made this city the perfect place for HMOs because of the vast student population.


cheapest place to buy property abroad, cheapest place to buy property remotely, remote property investing, least expensive countries to buy propertyNot only is Columbia an incredibly beautiful tropical country, but it also offers great potential for returns when it comes to property investment. Cities like Medellin are extremely affordable yet highly attractive. You can quite easily find property for much less than £94,000 in very prime locations. Apart from the tourist angle, there is a vast migration of expats flocking Bogota and other cities in Columbia. What this means is that you can actually partner with a local to buy property in Pesos and rent them out in Pounds.

You have to travel the world to find excellent bargains on property. One thing is for sure, though, in most parts of the world, the property prices are not yet back to where they are meant to be. Now is the time to explore and find out where you can find houses and beachfront properties at relatively cheap prices. If you consider the kind of potential for ROI some of these places offer, there is no reason why you wouldn’t want to buy now, sit on it and just wait for your value to grow.

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