Most Expensive Countries To Buy Property

Remote property investing is growing in popularity with investors like Tom Wade and Rick Otton expanding their portfolios to different countries in the Europe and the U.S.

If you are into world travel, exploring different cultures and making money, then remote investing might interest you. But be warned, as lucrative as it might be, it is not without its challenges.

In fact, currently, one of the biggest challenges facing international investors from the UK is the new Stamp Duty bill that puts a 3% charge on all additional properties owned around the world. The other challenge, of course, is the fluctuating property prices that seem to hit parts of the world selectively.

Here is a quick list of the most expensive countries to buy property in right now. Unfortunately, most of the countries on this list also happen to be some of the most exotic and most beautiful lands on this planet.


Known as the home of the most prestigious Grand Prix in the Formula 1 Calendar, we probably have all seen how beautiful Monaco is from all those movies shot at her coast or heard about it from friends who have been lucky enough to actually traveled there. Monaco, a tiny, sovereign city-state beautifully situated on the French Riviera tops our list because its property prices have recently skyrocketed. In fact, there are reports that put it at the top of the world as far as property prices are concerned. 15 square meters of property here will cost you just over £800,000.

Hong Kong

Thanks to its booming economy, Hong Kong has no shortage of rich corporate as well as foreign nationals looking to invest in her property market. Billionaires from Russia, China, Japan and other parts of Asia are looking to capitalise on this bullish economic growth by establishing roots in Hong Kong. Here £800,000 will buy you just 20.60 square meters of prime, luxury property.

London, UK

Of course, London had to make this list. As an extremely progressive metropolitan location, London is choke full of luxury property seekers who are looking to live and own a part of European luxury. As much as there have been lower bank loan interest rates and some tax exemptions, the fact that most global billionaires want to own property in some of the poshest neighbourhoods here have driven prices up the mountains. In London, it is not uncommon to spend £800,000 on 25. 5 square feet of luxury property.

Sydney, Australia

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Painting of the Sydney Opera House in New South Wales. NSW currently has some of the most expensive real estate in world.

For those who think taking a trip Down Under sounds like fun, you will be glad to know that you are absolutely right. Australia offers you unbridled fun and adventure. If you are thinking about buying property in Sydney, however, you had better have a long talk with your bank manager because this kind of investment is not to be taken lightly. In Sydney, you will spend £800,000 on 41.2 square meters property.

Other cities include Geneva, New York, Singapore and Paris. All of these are exceptionally beautiful location with incredibly expensive property prices. If you can manage those prices, you should definitely look to explore how you can invest in their property markets. The ROI is quite promising and when all is said and done, who wouldn’t like to own a luxury beach front flat in Monaco?

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