Property Investment On Steroids

A friend of mine once said to me that “London homes are investments on steroids.” I laughed so hard when I first heard this, but the reality behind the statement can’t be denied. By the time you cash in on your property investment in London, its value has already bulked up so much in a short span of time.

If you want to get the same results on your investment, here are a few suggestions on where to buy a house in London:





Hither Green





Manor Park










Ealing Broadway










Hackney Wick










Twickenham is set to top hotspot lists this year thanks to the arrival of the Rugby World Cup in this South-West London neighbourhood.

Mark Boyle, local property specialist for, reminds buyers that they have to prepare a very large budget if they want to buy in Twickenham, since house prices there are higher compared to other locations on the list. Despite its hefty price range, a lot of people are still choosing to live there for its thriving high street and proximity to the M3, Waterloo, and Heathrow.

Ealing Broadway has also become very popular with property pundits recently, because of the Crosstrail’s highly anticipated opening in 2018. James Cook of GL Hearn reveals that houses in there are mxore affordable than those in Hammersmith and the location’s good parks, open spaces, and schools makes it a perfect perfect neighbourhood for families.

Next on the list is Croydon. Latest data from Zoopla reveal that property prices in the Croydon jumped 13.1 per cent over the past year. From being home to the famous riot in 2011, Croydon is now set to become the one of London’s retail and tech mecca. 2 big shopping centres are opening soon and it also is home to Tech City, aka the “Silicon Valley of South London.”

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Entry prices in hotspot areas can be steep, but the returns are rewarding.

At the moment, average house prices in the Croydon is at £309,488. James Cook from GL Hearn expects the number to grow as more and more businesses and industries are welcomed into the neighbourhood.

The next location Hackney Wick has garnered the reputation of being a hub for creatives and hipsters, but this impression changed a lot after the Olympics. The once industrial hub of London is now a potential gold mine for investment property as it’s being connected to main transportation lines in the city. It’s already on the East London Line and it’s also plotted as a stop for the Crossrail.

Marta de Sousa, a property developer from London, believes that Hackney Wick’s location (it’s next to the River Lee and opposite the Olympic Stadium) gives it a unique feel that adds great value to the property in the area.

If you’ve lived in London all your life, you’ll know that Camberwell used to have one of the city’s highest crime rates. All that is in the past now, as Camberwell and its occupants are preparing to enter a new phase of development. Buyers who are priced out of Brixton are choosing to buy in this area for its communal environment and outstanding primary schools.

Based on the numbers, it’s easy to see just how advantageous owning a property in London can be. Granted, property values now can be quite steep, so there will be always the challenge of financing. But to those who are able to raise the financing required, London properties can be a very rewarding investment down the track.

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