The Cheapest Countries To Buy Property Remotely

Thanks to technology, remote property investing is growing in popularity, as investors like Rick Otton are now talking about the topic more openly in their events.

There is no better time to invest remotely in Europe as it is now. With the Euro being very much at par with the dollar, investors from Europe, America and every other part of the planet can now take advantage of these prevailing exchange rate conditions to improve their real estate portfolio. Which brings us to the topic at hand. Which are the cheapest countries to buy property in right now?


Greece makes this list for obvious reasons. The economic crisis in this gorgeous nation continues to plague sectors across the board and it shows in the property market. The average cost of owning a home is Greece today stands at around £ 1,700 per square meter. But it is not about the pricing as much as it is about how much property is available for sale in Greece. It is far easier now to find willing sellers who hold property in prime locations. Now is the best time to travel to Athens and scout out all those beautiful Greek homes for sale.


An extremely beautiful Mediterranean destination, Montenegro is perfect for those who want to own ocean front property bordered by white sandy beaches and a more than beautiful climate. In Budva, a 2,500-year-old Adriatic city, you can find properties that sell for about £ 1,500 per square meter. Why don’t you take that beach front vacation early and see if you can find yourself a gorgeous piece of property by the ocean?


remote property investing, cheapest countries to buy property, buy property remotelyOne of the main reasons as to why Portugal is so popular with retirees is because the Algarve sees more sunshine than almost every other part of Europe each year. As one of the best summer vacation destinations in Europe, the Algarve is without a doubt a reputable location. For just a little over £ 1,100 per square meter, you can find yourself a beautiful piece of property in this, one of Europe’s most treasured holiday destinations.


Bucharest in Romania is by far one of the most breath-taking historic cities in the world. Even though parts of this old town have been modified and restored, you can still see and feel the history coursing through the streets. The Old Town now has sidewalk cafes, museums, restaurants and walking streets. For just £ 1,150 per square meter, you can now own a piece of this illustrious history.


As far as island nations go, Malta is one of the most developed and still gorgeous places in the Mediterranean. Valletta in Malta is one of the world’s most beautiful historic cities. For just about £ 1,000 per square meter, now you can own a piece of this Mediterranean jewel. You should strongly consider buying remotely in Malta for several reasons:

– The culture is wonderful
– The health care system is efficient
– The people are warm
– The place is absolutely breath-taking.

Add to the fact that it is affordable too and all of Europe is just a flight away and you have yourself the perfect location for remote property investment.

Other places include Istria in Croatia, Abruzzo in Italy and Dublin in Ireland. Although some a bit more expensive than others, the overall price is still very pocket-friendly considering these are some of the most popular destinations in the world.

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