Top 3 Untapped Remote Investing Opportunities

I’ve mentioned names like Tom Wade, Joe McCall and Rick Otton before, all of whom are gaining popularity for buying properties abroad. If you’ve seen their videos and podcasts, you may have thought of investing remotely yourself, But before making that decision, there’s always that one lingering question: where should I buy properties abroad?

Going for the most popular remote property investment locations like Paris and Hong Kong always ranks first for investors. But even though these places might present you with amazing opportunities as far as owning high-end properties is concerned, if you consider the high competition and prices that come with them, you might just discover that they might not be such a wonderful idea.

That is why the savviest investors scour the world and the internet looking for untapped regions. Places that, even though they are investors’ gold mine, may not be highly ranked in their minds because:

  • They are unfortunately misinformed.
  • They have an unfavourable misconception of the region.
  • They just haven’t heard of the available opportunities in the region.

As a remote property investor, it will serve you best to keep your ear to the ground and personally investigate every available opportunity. You never know, you might just stumble upon hidden gems such as these:

Outback Australia

Before you roll your eyes and say you are not going to throw you money down under unless it’s in Sydney, you should consider one simple statistic: there are more than 6.5 million people living outside of Australia’s biggest cities. These are people who are willing to spend money on decent housing. With the right positioning and investment, you could be one of very few investors to provide a fraction of these people with high-quality housing at an affordable capital investment.


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Saigon Real Estate

Say what you will about Vietnam, but this country’s GDP is growing at an alarmingly fast rate. 6.7 in 2015 and an anticipated 6.7 for the following year, not only is its economy growing but so is the population. Did you know that there are reports showing that Vietnam’s super-rich (over £24 million) have more than doubled in the past few years? These are people with incredible spending power and would not mind buying a few luxury houses in their cities. But, even if you are not looking to sell to the super rich, why not invest in a rental property to cater for the growing population that now have some spending money?


Southern Indonesia is yet another remote location that has enjoyed incredible capital appreciation as far as the property market is concerned. So much so in fact that people are a little scared that it might have already gone too far.

However, if you are risk averse like most investors tend to be, then you might want to look into other locations within this beautiful country that are as of yet not fully exploited. We are talking about places like Bali. The remote islands of Bali are an investor’s haven with excellent resort opportunities and amazingly cheap local labour available. With these places opening up in terms of tourism, this just might be the time to give Indonesia a closer look.

It might involve a bit of research and risk, but if you are keen on finding opportunities, you might just make good on these untapped remote investing locations.

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