Top 5 Summer Remote Investing Locations

When you think of vacation homes, tropical locations such as Belize, Panama, Costa Rica and Jamaica come into mind. While these are some of the most beautiful locations on the planet offering reasonable prices when it comes to vacation homes, there are more locations that should also be considered.

Many of the places listed in this list also experience winter months but do not see the kind of frost-bite like conditions typically seen in the UK. With that being said, here are the Top 5 Summer Remote Investing Locations.

The Algarve Region in Portugal

Portugal is a beautiful country. The Algarve Region, in particular, is quite popular because it is more expat oriented and English is widely spoken here. There is also the fact that it has amazing weather and such sublime scenery. Other things driving the demand for this region is that the living costs are about 30% lower than it is in most of Europe. Although homes here are still relatively affordable, the prices are starting to come up.

Mazatlan, Mexico

Forget the drugs and violence rocking the border towns of Mexico. The rest of the country is quite beautiful and extremely friendly. The expat oriented beach-resort like town of Mazatlan, Mexico is one such place where you can find a slice of paradise. With over 20 miles of beaches, amazing fishing excursions, delicious street food, historical attractions and an International Airport, this is the tropical paradise in which you should invest.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

With more than 7 million people, the capital city of Malaysia is as metropolitan as it gets. Although still deeply steeped in Malaysian culture, this location is not only welcoming but is also affordable, has great weather throughout most of the year and has seen wonderful real estate prices in the past.

Saint-Chinian, France

For most people, Monaco or Paris are the only viable French options as far as vacation homes are concerned. Although these locations are truly beautiful, the prices can get a little out of hand. Saint-Chinian, France, on the other hand, is not only reasonably priced in comparison to the other locations, but it is also almost just as beautiful. And of course, there are all those beautiful French women.

Valletta, Malta

This beautiful capital city of an even prettier Mediterranean country south of Sicily, Valletta is truly a scenic place. One of the most amusing things about this location is that you can easily qualify for residency by renting out a home or apartment that meets and exceed certain thresholds. The monthly rent here is a little less than 900 pounds and the nightlife is unbelievable. It is certainly one of those places where you want to spend your summer nights.

If you have the money and the inclination to get away from terrible winter weather, any one of these locations presents a perfect choice for you to do that and more. They are scenic, affordable and have wonderful weather.

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