Top 5 Tropical Destinations To Invest Remotely

Popular investors like Rick Otton, Joe McCall and Tom Wade have invested in European properties, most notably in Greece. But there are other tropical destinations you may also look into outside of these popular destinations.

If you can find the right piece of land in Belize, Jamaica or on any of the many islands in the Caribbean Sea and other tropical locations, you will have found a gem that is almost guaranteed to appreciate in value with time. With that in mind, here are the top 5 tropical destinations to invest remotely.


With Kilometres upon Kilometres of pristine beach surrounding this island nation, Jamaica is synonymous with holiday life and good times. Although the beach front properties might be a little steep as far as prices are concerned, if you move in land, even just a little bit, you are bound to find good deals.

The properties found in the vast Jamaican in land regions are not only fertile and excellent for sugar cane farming, but also very good for investors who want to offer holiday goers something other than the hustle and bustle of the tourist riddled coastline.


Belize is experiencing a real estate boom of sorts at the moment. The property prices, although still favourable towards most investors from developed countries, have seen some kind of spike. This is a sure indication that more and more people are beginning to look at Belize as one of the remote investment destinations of choice in the Caribbean.

Costa de la Luz, Spain

Spain has always been a wonderful investment destination for anyone looking for a European destination that still offers the perfect tropical mix of great weather and vast sandy beaches. You can get properties for a steal in Spain now, mostly because of the recent financial crisis that the country faced. This crisis is well on its way towards being handled, so you might want to act now.

Costa Rica

This tiny island nation isn’t just becoming a force with which to reckon in world footballing standards, it is also a wonderful remote real estate destination. Like Jamaica, Costa Rica has highly priced properties close to the coast but very affordable houses just a few minutes inland. With moderate to good road networks, this distance from the beach shouldn’t be that much of a problem for any holidaymakers looking to rent your property.

Cayman Islands

Probably the most expensive destination of the bunch, the Cayman Islands are just perfect for those who want to enjoy the beautiful coastal living in a well developed yet remote location. The property prices are not anything to scoff at but you can be sure that you will have good returns. The Cayman Islands see a lot of holiday makers from the US, Canada and some parts of Europe flocking their shores for a good time and retirement. Take advantage of this influx and make a financial killing.

The best thing about these tropical destinations is that you can combine the fact-finding trips with your vacation. You could even bring the family.

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