Top 5 Winter Destinations For Remote Investors

Whenever we look at remote property investors like Joe McCall and Rick Otton, we always see the “Greek properties”, the “Spanish properties”, or any other property that’s close to the beach paradise. It’s not surprising because most of us want to own a tropical home somewhere warm and breezy so we can get away from the frigid winter cold.

But just because you would rather suffer sunburns than frostbites doesn’t mean that you should completely ignore the opportunities offered by winter destination properties. Think about it, what if you could own a resort in Norway to house all those people who want to marvel at the Northern Lights? Or maybe a ski chalet in Aspen for those who want to glide down the slopes? Winter properties bring with them a lot of opportunities. With that in mind, here are the top 5 winter destinations to invest in.

Istria, Croatia

If you visit the Istrian Peninsula in Croatia, you will find apartments in places like Pula that go for a little over £1,000 per square meter. The best thing about places like Pula is that it is rich in architectural history as it was greatly influenced by both Roman and Venetian styles over the years. Referred to as ‘Tierra Magica’ by ancient Romans, Istria is something of a fairy tale as far as her picturesque country side is concerned.

Aspen, Colorado

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Aspen, Colorado

Perfect for those who are looking for a skiing destination, Aspen in Colorado has become synonymous with winter sports and vacationing. The properties here are not exactly cheap, but if you can get your hands on one and transform it into an HMO, then you will have set yourself up for great returns when the skiing tourists and locals arrive.

Bucharest, Romania

Sharing a great deal of Europe’s urban culture, history and preference for the arts, education and architecture, Bucharest, Romania is one of the most alluring cities for those looking for affordable yet popular winter homes. You can easily buy an apartment for about £1,200 per square meter. Something to note is that, although Romania is part of the EU, it uses its own currency and the prices are often subject to the prevailing exchange rates.

Dublin, Ireland

The Irish economy has been recovering for quite a number of years now. In places like Dublin District 2, where the burgeoning expat population has driven the property prices to over £2,800 per square meter in some places. Snugging an apartment in this part of Ireland is certainly a wonderful investment for those who are looking to buy-to-let.

Jackson Hole, Wyoming

With new state of the art Gondolas and a vibrant skiing culture, Jackson Hole is Wyoming’s most popular ski town. Like most popular ski destinations, property prices are not as friendly as you would expect. That, however, should not deter you from trying to buy up what you can. All you would have to do is look a little inland or up country and you can find wonderful properties with great road access at unbelievable prices.

There are definitely many more winter destinations that warrant a second look. Most of these places can be especially found in Asia and Eastern Europe.

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