Top Locations For Remote Properties Whether You Want To Invest Or Just Own

People buy properties abroad for 2 reasons only: either they want to buy a remote property investment, or they just want a second home to be used for holidays. Whatever your intention is for buying property abroad, you won’t regret the decision if you buy property in any of these places:


Italy is a common destination for buyers looking for a place to buy a second house, because of its rich history and culture, attractive landscapes, and world renowned quality of food and wine. Moreover, unlike other countries, the Italian countryside remains untarnished by industrial development – thus keeping its historic appeal intact.

Paul Belcher from Italian buying agent Ultissimo reveals that among their British buyers, Lake Como is by far the most popular upmarket destination for second-home ownership.

Don’t think twice about plunging into the Italian property market now, because there’s a great chance that buyers will chance upon Italian family homes for sale at very friendly prices with the continued economic slowdown, according to Belcher.


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France always attracts property investors around the world.

Tim Brown, the head of international sales at Chesterton Humberts, shares that French properties topped their best seller list in 2013. It’s not just properties in Paris that’s sold like hotcakes, even houses located along the French Riviera, chalets in French Alps, and homes in Normandy all received great attention from their clients.

What makes buyers return to France over and over again?

A mix of good weather, picturesque lifestyle offerings, and proximity to the UK contribute in making France a continued favourite among buyers.

Philip Hanson, from currency specialists Travelex, also adds that the weakening Euro could also help buyers purchase French properties at a lower rate, so grab the chance right away.


It’s not just endless stretch of the beach and the warm, winter climate that’s luring buyers into the Caribbean, especially in the island of Barbados.

Kieran Kelly of Chesterton Barbados adds that Barbados doesn’t have inheritance or capital gains tax, and foreign buyers don’t experience any restriction when buying property. Don’t forget the fact that Barbadian laws are primarily based on UK law thus the process won’t be confusing. These circumstances combined make Barbados a haven for those seeking a second house, or people looking for a good place to invest in property.

If you think that this sunny haven is just for the rich and famous, think again! Savills is advertising a two-bedroom, two-bathroom apartment in St James, Barbados for £185,190.
So if you think buying property abroad is a reach, it’s actually more feasible than you think!

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