Where To Invest In Property In Greece

If you’re familiar with names like Tom Wade and Rick Otton, then you’re probably interested in remote property investing. And one of the hottest spots luring investors is Greece.

Whether you read the stories of the meddling Greek gods from Olympus or you were thrilled by all those exciting yet humbling Greek tragedies, one thing is for sure, Greece is an enchanting and mesmerising land. Despite all the recent economic turmoil in this region, the land of the gods still remains a beautiful and exceptionally scenic location for traveller, locals and remote investors alike. If you are interested in buying property in Greece, this might be the right time to jump in and do so. Here is a quick list of where to invest in property in Greece.


If you do not intend to buy on the mainland, then maybe you can set your sights on any one of the numerous islands that make up Greece. Crete is the largest one of those islands and also the most popular. As the most southerly part of Europe, Crete has all year round excellent weather and offer investors great value for money.

Not only is it gorgeous and thus perfectly poised for tourism, it also has excellent transportation with two international airports at Chania and Heraklion. Properties here are mostly luxurious pieces that go for as high as £3,949,447 to some affordable pieces that go for as low as £307,179 and below if you do not mind looking further inland.


Yet another one of Greece’s many islands, Corfu has a great deal of Italian and British influence that makes it an excellent place for a retirement home if you want to experience different cultures. This location has a Unesco Heritage old town and beautiful pine and olive groves that lead you down to some of the most secluded sandy beaches you will ever see. Like on Crete, the properties here are mostly luxury, starting from approximately £2,194,137 to going as low as £300,000 and below.


If you have ever wanted to own property on party-central locations such as Ibiza or St Tropez, then you will be pleased to hear that Greece has an equivalent of the two in Mykonos. This has to be one of the most vibrant islands in Greece. In keeping with the ‘popular Greek islands’ theme, the properties here are mostly luxurious, starting from as high as £7,898,894 (approximately) and not really going as low as £300, 000, instead staying at about £500,000 and above.

This is not to say that you cannot find anything below that price tag, it is just to show you how beautiful and luxurious the properties are in this location. The beauty of it all is that Mykonos is a ‘party island’, as such, you will almost always have revellers looking to rent your property while they enjoy the wonderful nightlife on this island.

There are also plenty of options on the mainland, but if you are going to buy property somewhere as beautiful as Greece, you might want to focus on the islands. They have the best potential for returns.

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