Where To Invest Remotely In The Caribbean

Have you ever dreamed of owning a piece of tropical paradise? Be honest! This is something almost everyone dreams about. Well, thanks to the economic boom that some of the places in the Caribbean have been experiencing, now you can easily invest remotely there and actually have wonderful returns on that investment. If you have been wondering where to invest remotely in the Caribbean, here are some tips on where to look.


Belize’s real estate market has really matured of late. This is probably thanks to the fact that the economy has stabilised and actually seen some growth over the past few years. Another reason why Belize is an excellent option is the fact that it is only an hour and 45 minutes away from Miami, Florida.

Because Belize is part of the British Commonwealth, the laws used here are not that different from what you would have in the UK, this makes remote investing much easier and more attractive to British investors. Rental income also has a wonderful outlook considering the fact that the country has an excellently thriving expatriate community and a lot of tourists.

If you are going to invest in Belize, you might want to focus on the Cayo district, which is also home to the capital city of Belmopan. You can also take a look at San Pedro because it is simply a tourist haven.

Cayman Islands

where to buy Caribbean property, best places to buy Caribbean property, remote property investing, where to invest remotely in the CaribbeanJust the name itself invokes images of white sandy beaches and sun-kissed days. Although the Cayman Islands are synonymous with waterskiing and sunbathing, there is much more to this popular vacation spot that just holiday merry-making. The real estate market is fairly vibrant and not at all overpriced for a place of its stature. The foreign investment laws are also quite relaxed and you will gain great rental income if you choose the right spot. If you are looking at this region, in particular, you should consider investing in George Town, which is the capital city.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica is not only maddeningly beautiful, but it is also very economically and politically stable. For those reasons, most investors look at it as a safe bet when it comes to real estate. Although Costa Rica was viewed as a little overpriced in the past, 2006 did a number on the property market there and now the prices have come down to earth and are more affordable.

The good thing about Costa Rica is that almost every bit of it has great property investment potential. You are, however, advised to focus on the Southern zone as well as the northern Pacific Coast. The southern zone is more popular because it has better infrastructural development that most parts of the nation.

As a foreign investor, you would have a relatively easy time investing in any one of these Caribbean goldmines. Take your time to look at the numbers and maybe even fly down and see for yourself. Who knows, you might just move there for good.

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